Service Fees

General Information

All services will be billed at either fixed fees for tasks completed, or at a flat monthly rate with a specified term. The fixed fee or monthly rate will be specified in the service contract. To maximize flexibility and predictability for all parties involved, we do not bill hourly.

All new engagements will start with a free initial consultation, to assess what projects may benefit your company.

We will then sign a Business Systems Management Contract, which may start with an initial Feasibility Study, with a flat fee agreed upon before work commences.

The Feasibility Study will determine the most profitable way to proceed. If the results of the Study reveal that the investment required for proper development of Information Security and Business Continuity programs cannot be expected to add sufficient value to your business, then we will not proceed, and you will have achieved the objective of performing due diligence and documented evidence that your risks have been evaluated and properly accepted as they are, with minimal investment.

If we decide to proceed, you may use the information gathered from the Feasibility Study to determine your budget, and we will develop the project plans with a flat or monthly service fee for the entire project, or we may split it into phases, which will each have flat or monthly service fees.

As you can see, the fee structure is arranged to ensure you get the most value possible out of your investment in services from J.D. Fox Exec.

Information Technology Management

Having a professionaly managed IT system may impact how efficiently we can gather the data required to quantify risks and evalute vulnerabilities, both in terms of time and other resources, while developing your Business Systems. In addition, if your IT system is supported under an IT System Management Contract with J.D. Fox Micro, you will qualify for the lowest possible pricing for services from J.D. Fox Exec.