About the Website


Isn't it nice to find a website with lots of useful information but without any banner ads, pop-ups, or unnecessary animation that jams up your computer and disrupts your train of thought?

On its face, the J.D. Fox Exec website provides a great deal of information about our services, articles and links about Information Security and Business Continuity, and a glossary. You'll also notice impeccable attention to detail in all areas of the site, and that all articles and links in the Resource Center are always kept up-to-date. This exemplifies the dependability, stability, dedication to completing tasks, and thorough methodologies we will also apply to your Business Systems Management.

Choosing an Optimal Layout

To give you the best experience, the J.D. Fox Exec website tries to detect what kind of device you're using.

  • If you have a mobile phone or tablet, the pages will be displayed with menus that are easier to manipulate on a small touch-screen with a high ppi (pixels per inch), and work whether you hold your device in portrait or landscape mode.
  • Standard mode is designed to look best on the type of screens used by desktop and laptop computers.

In rare cases, this site will not detect your device correctly. Or, you may have a high-resolution tablet and prefer to use it in landscape mode, in which case the desktop/laptop layout might work better for you. In these cases, you may switch to other modes easily using the links at the bottom of any page. The site will remember your selection until you clear your browser cookies. If you use more than one browser on a given computer or device, you must make the selection on each browser.

Regardless of which mode you use, all the same information is available on every page for every platform. Your selection only affects how the information appears.